Saturday, March 7, 2020

Celebrating the Blue Shutters Birthday Month with 13 Years of Photos

February 2020 marked the Blue Shutters innkeepers' 13th anniversary -- in February 2007, Ed, AnnMarie, Tony & Patty took over the Blue Shutters. To celebrate this occasion, we pulled together some photos from the past 13 years.

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S.Talbot said...

We stayed at the inn several years ago after learning that the owner of a once good motel had moved here. It was totally unlike our previous experience. The room was shabby and dark. When we asked for extra towels or pillows, they were rude and probably drunk. We were kept up all night by the owners loud partying and general noisiness. The whole place was trashy and horribly run, as if the owners didn't care at all about their guests. When we asked for our money back, they became hostile and threatening! I nearly called the police but my husband managed to convince them to refund the money we paid to stay in a disgusting dump. These people shouldn't run a carnival booth, never mind a hotel!