Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Preview of This Saturday's Brews & Blues

This Saturday June 2 will mark the return of Brews & Blues, when we celebrate the return of summer with free beer tastings courtesy Cape Ann Brewing Company, and live music on the front lawn of the Blue Shutters.  Here are some scenes from past Brews & Blues -- it'll give you an idea of the fun in store this weekend.  Call us today for more info!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Is Good Harbor on Your List of the World's Best Beaches?

Doctor Beach -- who bills himself as "the foremost beach expert" -- just announced his 2012 listing of the world's best beaches.  Topping the list was Coronado Beach, which is a very nice spot in San Diego.  We're the first to admit, we're a bit biased, but we ask there no better beach than Good Harbor?  It's convenient to Boston and even closer to the restaurants and shops in downtown Gloucester and Rockport.  It has awesome views of the unique twin lighthouses on Thatcher Island and the picturesque home of the bluff overlooking the beach.  It has an island you can walk to, a tidal river you can drift in and rocks you can climb.  It has a footbridge, dunes, clean sandy beach and gentle waves.  And there's a really great B&B just steps away.  We don't know if Doctor Beach has ever visited Good Harbor -- but if he did, we think we just might make it onto his list.  Is it on yours?  We think it's a safe bet that the "Roy Girls" from western Mass would agree -- this is one of their Good Harbor Beach photos.

Memorial Day Thanks

With the beautiful views of Good Harbor Beach, you might miss some of the other sights from our front room -- the mockingbird that watches over the yard, the flowers we've planted along the front steps, and the American flag that flies off to the left. Memorial Day is an appropriate time to turn toward that flag to remember and thank those in our Armed Forces who have made it possible to enjoy the Blue Shutters.  Take a closer look and you'll see a smaller yellow flag bearing a likeness of "the man at the wheel" -- the image that represents the Gloucester fishermen. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Day Sunshine

As you can see from these photos, the sun streaming through the front windows of the Blue Shutters was amazing this morning -- as it is most mornings here.  And in one of these shots, you can see the city trucks out there cleaning the sand for those who'll be heading to Good Harbor Beach later in the day.  Those of you who have been here know, this isn't just one of the most beautiful beaches you'll's also one of the cleanest.  And the Blue Shutters is just steps away from it all.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer is Here! See for Yourself

You don't need to check the calendar to know when summer arrives -- just check out the photos from the Blue Shutters.  Here are some from this morning.  There are already folks on the beach -- and cars lining up for the parking lot.  The beauty of the Blue Shutters -- when you stay here, there's no waiting in line or paying to walk to the best part of the beach.  On our end of Good Harbor Beach there are fewer people -- and the footbridge and the tidal river to enjoy.  Don't wait for the official start of summer (sometime in June)...come visit today!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Free Beer Tasting and Great Live Music at the Blue Shutters: 2012 Brews & Blues Set for Saturday June 2

The date is set for the 2012 Brews & Blues, the "Back to the Beach Bash" we hold on our lawn every year to celebrate the return of summer. Mark your calendar for Saturday June 2 -- that afternoon we'll have free beer tasting courtesy of Cape Ann Brewing and live music performed by friends of the Blue Shutters. These are some scenes from past Brews & Blues events -- call or email us about this year's bash!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Moon Over Good Harbor

You've seen a bunch of "sunrise over Good Harbor Beach" photos on this blog -- tonight we captured a different view...a full moon rising over the house on the bluff overlooking the beach.  These shots were taken from the front yard of the  Blue Shutters.

Derby de Mayo!

The Blue Shutters is always on the lookout for a fun time, and we found it on May 5 at the Topside Grill, where one of our favorite places in Gloucester threw a Derby Party and Cinco de Mayo celebration. That's Dawn, one of the owners of the Topside, at the bar between Tony (in his Cinco de Mayo sombrero) and Patty (in her Derby day "big hat"). There was quite a crowd of partyers at Topside, enjoying mint juleps and margaritas -- guess we weren't the only folks who found Gloucester's best "Derby de Mayo" celebration.

Brighter Skies on the Horizon

Yet another Good Harbor Beach photo: this one shows that while it's a bit overcast by the shore,  there are brighter skies on the horizon.  Clouds or sun, sunrise or dusk, it's always a great view.