Saturday, May 25, 2013

An Addition to the Restaurant Scene -- and a new Blue Shutters Neighbor

We have a lot of great restaurants on Cape Ann, and there always seems to be new additions. We just tried one of the newest, Olivia's, and everything was delicious. And its very close to the Blue Shutters -- near the other end of Good Harbor Beach, close enough to walk or a very short drive. There are picnic tables on the deck and a very nice dining room. There's also a take-out and order-in counter as well. We met chef Ron Urnetta, who's now running the place (for those of you who hail from our hometown of Burlington, you'll be interested to know that Ron has roots there too). Check it out next time your up.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blue Shutters In The (UK) News: Bring On The British Invasion

We just got a heads up that we may be looking ahead to another "British Invasion" -- but this time, we're talking about tourists not rock groups. This morning we received an inquiry from a Brit (from Gloucester, England, interestingly) who told us about this article that ran in The Telegraph in the UK (speaking of invasions, while there's been a run on rooms for this summer in recent weeks, there are still openings -- but don't wait too long to make your Blue Shutters plans). In case you're wondering, the photo here is of Gloucester Cathedral in England ; you'll see a photo of this amazing building at the Blue Shutters -- a gift from a visitor to our B&B a few years ago.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Starting to Look Like Summer at the Blue Shutters

Some signs that summer is right around the corner at the Blue Shutters...the flowers are beginning to bloom and the lawn furniture is back in the yard -- and more and more folks are on the beach every day.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Bridge is Back in Business!

Another update on the Good Harbor Footbridge's officially open for business! And with the return to sunny days and summer-like temps, the bridge is already seeing a lot of traffic!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Harbor Beach Footbridge is Making a Comeback!

The footbridge is back! At least it will be soon. The city was out earlier this week to begin repairs and they made great progress. Should be good as new in just a few days!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big Plans for Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day is next Sunday, and for many of us, flowers come to mind when think about this day, so the Blue Shutters is doing it's part by making sure every Mom with us then gets some blossoms. We're hoping for a day as beautiful as today -- the surf and sun shining on the water made for a spectacular scene. And don't forget, next weekend is also when we're doing "spirit readings" -- if you (or the Mom in your life) is interested in this, you should definitely plan on being here.

Stay Classy Blue Shutters -- Afternoon Tea at Good Harbor Beach

Our first-ever Afternoon Tea took place over a week ago and folks are still buzzing about it. Here are some photos and if you think this looks like fun, there's good news...we're talking about doing this later this year, during the 2013 holiday season.

Scenes from our Cinco de Mayo Food & Wine Tasting

We had one of the largest Food & Wine Tasting groups ever for today's celebration of Cinco de Mayo. A big thanks to our wine expert Kathy Hill and our chef Mark Sapienza. As you can see from from these photos, folks were literally lining up for our delicious treats -- and polished off a bunch of wine.