Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dates, Details for Winter/Spring Specials at the Blue Shutters

There are a bunch of weekend specials planned for the next few months. You'll find details on our next event, the February 12 Chili Cookoff, in a seperate update in this section of our website. We thought we'd go ahead and offer up info on our other specials for those of you looking to plan ahead.

March is the backdrop for two of our most popular off-season weekends -- another one of murder mystery nights and our latest wine and food tasting. And in 2011, we're taking a new approach with both of these events.

Our Mardi Gras Murder Mystery on March 5 takes on a special party theme. We'll take care of all the details -- refreshments, party decorations and some simple instructions...all you need to do is come and play along (the four innkeepers enjoy this as much as our guests...that's us above in costume for last spring's Murder Mystery Night).

And on March 19, we'll have the first wine and food tasting of 2011, and this time our chef and wine expert are treating us to an "Escape to Europe" with wine and food items from Itaty, France and Spain for you to enjoy.

There are more special events planned for later in the season: a Knitters Weekend on April 2, and another Wine and Food Tasting -- with a Latin America theme -- on April 3.

We're also offering Mother's Day and Father's Day specials on those weekends, with flowers for mom and a six-pack of Fisherman's Brew for dad.

While these weekends are bound to be fun, you're welcome to come anytime and plan your own winter/spring getaway. And when you do, don't forget our "party-planner" discount: anyone who brings a group and fills 3 or more rooms gets his or her room free!

Call or email us today to learn more...and make sure you're able to get in on the off-season fun!

Another View from the Blue Shutters in the Wintertime

We had to share one more winter morning scene with you -- there's snow all around the Shutters, creating a scene many of our guests have never experienced. So, until you make the trek here, we'll give you this preview of what's in store this season.

Spectacular Snowy Views Await You at the Blue Shutters

We love the view of Good Harbor Beach from the Blue Shutters in the summer, but as you can see from this photo taken this morning, even in the dead of winter the scene is spectacular. On most days a walk on the beach is very do-able -- there may be snow all around, but the footbridge is quickly clear as early morning beach-walkers head over to enjoy a stroll. If you haven't tried the Blue Shutters in the winter, you don't know what you're missing. And if you've been here before in these snowy months, it may be time for return visit. We promise you some fun times at the Shutters -- particularly around our party weekends. And of course, there will be many more views like this.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Still Time to Get in on the Chili Cookoff Fun

There's still time to sign up for our first-ever Chili Cookoff. We lined up some local celebrity judges -- Doug Silva from the Topside Grill and Jeremy Goldberg from Cape Ann Brewing -- who'll help choose our chili champion. Again, anyone who brings a pot of chili for all of our guests to enjoy gets a 25% discount. And the winner gets a free return visit. Of course, if you want to come and stay and just taste the chili, that's OK too. Call us today for more information...and to make a reservation.

More Comments from Our Guest Book

It has been awhile since we shared comments from our guest book. Here are a just a few we thought were worth passing along:

"Thank you so much for everything! You have the best inn in town! And I love your breakfast." Michelle

"An amazing B&B -- we've been to a lot and this is definitely a favorite!" The Garvey/Kern family

"We dropped in by accident, but it was a very nice surprise." Leo & Christel

"Thanks for a great stay. You made us feel like we were old friends!" Nancy

"We hate to leave...but we will return!" Erin & Steven

"The Blue Shutters gave us a great start to our New England vacation" Martin

"The view and location are only surpassed by the kindness of the owners." Kathy, Amanda, Connor, Kelly & Courtney

"Magnifique endroit, super belle maison, magnifique vue, en confort agreable. C'etait justee MAGNIFIQUE! Les Suisses (not exactly sure of the translation here, but we're pretty sure these guests from Switzerland really like the Blue Shutters)

Remember you can leave us comments anytime right here in this "Online Diary" -- just click on "comments" at the bottom of any diary entry. Or you can visit the Blue Shutters Facebook page.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Weekend Specials Kick Off with February 12 Chili Cookoff

We just finalized the schedule for our special winter weekends at the Blue Shutters. It all begins on February 12 with something new -- our first-ever Chili Cookoff. Bring a pot of chili for everyone to enjoy and get 25% off your weekend stay. We'll choose a winner that Saturday evening, and the chili champion gets a gift certificate for a free return visit! If you'd just like to come to taste the chili, that's OK too. For you lovers, this could be a fun way to spice up your Valentines Day (just a few days later) -- while we'll be enjoying chili on Saturday night, there will be plenty of time for a romantic dinner, a glass of champagne by the fire, a walk on the beach and more.

Look for future updates here -- or call us at the Shutters -- for info on upcoming events, or to get in on our chili-fest!

Blue Shutters New Year's Dips Video on YouTube!

We just got word that the video from the New Year's "plunge" is up on YouTube. A big thanks to our friends Sean and Kim for working on this!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's 2010-2011: A Closer Look

Check out the Blue Shutters Facebook page for this photo and other shots from New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. If you think this looks like fun, come by and see for yourself!

New Year's Traditions Part III: Family and Friends

For the past few years, we've celebrated New Year's Eve here at the Blue Shutters with family and friends -- and this year we had our biggest crowd ever. Plenty of food, drink and laughs. Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun. Most of these folks are heading home there's plenty of room if you'd like to come enjoy the rest of the weekend here. The decorations are still up -- maybe we'll recreate the holiday celebration

New Year's Traditions Part II: Walking the Beach

With today's warm temperatures, we had plenty of company for this New Year's tradition -- walking the beach on January 1. There were hundreds of people on the well as dozens of dogs. The rest of the weekend promises to be even better, and there are still rooms here if you'd like the enjoy a day of two celebrating the holiday. Come join us!

New Year's Traditions Part I: "Blue Shutters Dips" Take a Dip

We'll be sharing a few notes and photos from New Year's 2010/2011, focusing on our annual traditions. Here's a first...Patty, Deb, Mary and Kim took a dip in Good Harbor Beach on New Year's Day. This is one Blue Shutters tradition that gets more and more fun every year (this year was pretty easy...the temperatures were in the 50s! Tomorrow will be just as warm...but there will likely be no swimming.