Monday, March 14, 2022

Blue Shutters Supports Birding on Cape Ann!

This winter and spring, the Blue Shutters is helping to celebrate one of the most popular Cape Ann activities of the off-season: birding. The Greater Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce has long organized a winter birding boat trip, and this year a group got together to offer more opportunities for birders -- both veteran bird-watchers and those who might be interested in this activity. These opportunities include a Winter Birding Speaker Series -- and one of these presentations will be at the Blue Shutters on April 2.  Other presentations are planned for the Emerson Inn and the Beauport Hotel.  Check this Chamber webpage for more information -- there are lots of great articles and information on winter birding.  and if you're visiting and looking for a place to stay, let us know. We're offering a 20% discount for anyone who comes to Cape Ann for these birder activities. It's our hope that this might be the incentive you need to give birding a try! Call or email us if you're interested in learning more.