Saturday, June 8, 2013

One Way: To the Good Harbor Beach

We already featured this photo on our Facebook page, but we liked it so much we wanted to share it here as well. The sign in the background has a message that we heed all summer long: there's only "one way" to the beach!

Another Look (or Two) at the Cape Ann Restaurant Scene

We're always trying areas restaurants -- and here are dishes from two longtimes. A awesome looking beet salad from the Seaport Grille (and it tasted as great as it looked) and a Rocky Neck Omlette from Sugar Magnolia (that's a Irish eggs benedict across the table).

Bagpipes Make Their Debut at the Blue Shutters

A Blue Shutters first...bagpipes on our lawn. Later in the day, Ralph would be entertaining guests at wedding -- many of whom stayed at the Shutters (those a a bunch chilling in the yard prior to heading off to the ceremony. This was one of many Gloucester weddings where the bride and groom stayed with us. But none of these had bagpipes.