Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New in 2009....Blue Shutters on Facebook

Our last posting came just as the holidays were beginning, and as we write this post, we're a few hours from New Year's Eve. The 2008 holidays were a fun time at the Shutters. We had a great turnout for our tree-trimming, and guests throughout the month enjoyed all the festive decorations. Loads of old friends came north to Rockport and Gloucester on December 20 for our annual Christmas on Cape Ann night out. Last week we had two couples visiting us -- including new friends from Houston, Greg and Brooke. And tonite, we have a full house of family and friends here to celebrate New Year's Eve.

There's something new in 2009 -- another way for you to see what's happening at the Shutters and share your memories. We've just launched a Blue Shutters Facebook page. Check it out -- and feel free to leave photos and messages.

Happy New Year