Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Blue Shutters Cartoon....

If you haven't checked out JibJab, you gotta do it -- some very funny online cartoons and e-cards. We just created a cartoon, and we wanted to share it with all of our friends. It may remind you of the Shutters, given the nautical theme. In some definite typecasting, this video stars Patty as a gun-toting cop, Tony as the super-smart marine scientist and Eddie as the grizzled fisherman. If it sounds like one of your favorite movies, that's intentional. Click here to see this high-seas cartoon creation. This isn't the first of these online cartoons. If you like this, check out our holiday cartoon, where Annmarie and Gizmo join in the fun.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your Thoughts on the Shutters -- Notes from Our Guest Book

In the 2-plus years we've owned the Blue Shutters we've gotten many great comments from those of you who have stayed with us -- and most of these are found in our guest book in the main room. We thought we'd use our online diary to share some of these notes -- maybe you'll recognize your comments. Here are the first of these guest notes -- from summer of 2007, our first season as innkeepers:
"Great place. Great improvements. Good people."
"Never better."
"Yahoo! Great time!"
"So relaxing. I'll be back."
"Definitely a keeper on our getaway list."
"We had a blast! The rooms and breakfast were wonderful."
"Your friendliness and genuine hospitality will bring us back again."
"The Nautilus room clearly has a spectacular view. Love the sunrises."
"We were so glad we landed here and to meet y'all. It's a super, super place."
"Sunrise to sunset this has been a very special stay with many wonderful memories -- and laughs."

We'll have another post shortly, with comments from fall 2007. Let us know what you think (you can always leave a note online -- just click on "comments" and add your thoughts).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Brews are Flowing at Cape Ann (and soon at the Shutters)

Our friends at the Cape Ann Brewing Company sent out an update on the brews currently being poured at their place in downtown Gloucester. If you haven't been there to check it out, you're missing a real treat. Here is what's currently on tap (fyi -- I've tried them all and they're great): Fisherman's Brew - Amber Lager; Fisherman's Eclipse - Scwarzbier; Fisherman's Bavarian Wheat - Hefeweizen; Fisherman's Dunkelweiss; Fisherman's Tea Party (a Barley-Wine made with 3 types of tea); and Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout.

These folks will be back at the Shutters this fall for our third Brews & Blues. Stay tuned for more details on this -- or call us to reserve your spot.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adam Sandler -- Another Gloucester Fan

Adam Sandler and his movie star buddies were here this summer filming Grown Ups, and while one actress (andi poland) who was a guest at the Shutters and another actor (Jonathan Loughran) who we ran into at dinner, the big celebrity sights never happened. But there's still a chance. According to the Boston Globe, Sandler has made an offer on the place he rented out on Eastern Point. The Globe goes on to talk about some of his favorite places in town -- the Y, Long Beach Dairy Maide (just down the street from the Shutters), Dragon Light and Frank's SubZone. Maybe he'll add the Blue Shutters to the list next time around.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Old Friends are Back Again...Having More Fun Every Year

One of the benefits of innkeeping is making new friends -- and continuing those friendships from year to year. The past few weeks have provided many examples of this -- there were friends who returned from Ohio, NJ, Pennsylvania and western Mass. And in every case, there were more in their groups -- and more days a the Shutters than past years. Just yesterday, we said goodbye to our "girl scout jamboree" and Dave and his family -- between the two groups, they took up nearly every room at the Shutters. And best of all, every one of these folks have signed up for next year. We're already counting down the days.

Sea Glass Hunting on Gloucester Beaches

There's no end to the beach activities friends of the Blue Shutters find to fill their days here, and some are pretty obvious (sunny on the sand, body surfing, walks along the shore, kayaking). But here's one you may not have thought of: searching for sea glass that can be used to make jewelry. That's what Betty Hamilton does when she's here. You can see her work in an album at the Shutters, or online at her Mermaid's Tears website. And you can read about her in the news; her local NJ newspaper just did feature on Betty's work -- and mentioned her sea glass hunting in Glouceser.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Food, Farmers and Fishing History

We've had a few rainy days this summer -- fortunately, fewer in recent weeks -- and when the beach isn't an option folks always find fun activities. One couple had this suggestion -- check out the Farmer's Market (every Thursday on the Harbor Loop) and the Maritime Heritage Museum. They did both yesterday when the clouds rolled in and had a great time. They also caught the "Seafood Throwdown" at the Market, where local chefs competed with their best dishes. There are two more of these events schedule -- on September 19 and October 8. Mark your calendars!

Connecting on Cape Ann -- Web Links to our Friends

We recently added a new feature to the Blue Shutters website -- a page of web links to our friends around Cape Ann. You'll find things to see and do "on the water", "on the shore" and "on the town". If there are any places you think we should add, let us know -- and if you want to link to our website, please do. Enjoy!

Check out the Blue Shutters Photo Album

If you haven't seen the latest additions to our website photo album, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to check it out. There are photos from quests (the sandcastle shot was taken by Ann Marie's cousin Susan), from special events (one of our wedding parties, the wine and food tasting and the spring Brews & Blues), and new pictures of spots around the Shutters. There are also some new photos on the "Our Rooms" page. Enjoy!