Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming Saturday February 9 -- The Blue Shutters Soup-er Bowl Challenge

What better way to warm up this winter than a hot bowl of soup? How about a variety of soup creations? And a chance to win a free stay at the Blue Shutters? Well, all this an more is awaiting you at our first-ever Soup-er Bowl Challenge on Saturday February 9. Bring a pot of soup for that night's competition and you'll get 25% off your stay -- and you'll be in the running for a free return visit. Call or email us for more information -- and to make your reservation for the first of what will be an annual Blue Shutters favorite.

Scenes from our Winter Food & Wine Tasting

Our Food & Wine Tasting was a big success -- just check out these photos. A big thanks to our chef Mark Sapienza from the Langham Hotel and our wine expert Kathy Hill from the Traveling Vineyard...and to every would joined us for the special evening. Now on the our next event -- our first-ever Soup-er Bowl!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Coming January 19: Winter Food & Wine Tasting at the Blue Shutters!

Call or email us to find out about plans for our first Food & Wine Tasting of 2013. Coming this Saturday, January 19. Great wines paired with some fantastic dishes -- and it's all free just for spending the night here (and that's a treat itself!)

Some Scenes from the Holidays at the Blue Shutters

We've been so busy these past few weeks that we haven't shared any updates on the holiday season at the Blue Shutters.  Here are a few photos to bring you up to speed.