Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Look at Good Harbor Beach During Hurricane Irene's Visit

Hurricane Irene may not have been the "weather event" we expected, but it still gave Good Harbor Beach a beautiful new look (and many folks came by to see it). The Blue Shutters BeachCam delivered video throughout the day -- and we also snapped a few photos. Here's one of our favorites.

Blue Shutters BeachCam -- Irene Update

It's just after 7am on Sunday morning of our Hurricane 2011 Weekend and the Blue Shutters BeachCam is providing views of the wind and rain battering Good Harbor Beach. Much more to come throughout the day -- we hope you're watching! As long as we have power (and we don't expect this to be a problem) you'll have the BeachCam.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Attention All Storm-Watchers -- See Irene Here!

There's no doubt that the Blue Shutters is the place to be on a great beach day, but did you know that this is also a fantastic place to watch a big storm? If the weather experts are correct, you'll have an opportunity to see for yourself on Sunday as Irene barrells through New England. You're invited to come join us -- snug and secure here at the Blue Shutters -- but if you can't, we encourage you to check out our webcam, which will remain focused on Good Harbor Beach throughout the storm. Here's a photo from this morning -- a picture that gives new meaning to the term "calm before the storm". There are folks on the beach, surfers in the water and guests like these enjoying breakfast -- and the view -- before heading down for some fun of their own (the webcam is there in the lower left corner, in a box on the window sill). It's a beautiful start to this Saturday, so while you might want to be here for Mother Nature's show tomorrow, you may be able to squeeze in a few hours at the beach. Stay tuned here for more updates and photos.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Blue Shutters Baby

This is Garrett, who has enjoyed many fun days at the Blue Shutters since he was born last year. Those of you who have visited the Shutters this summer may have seen him -- he and and his sister, Logan, and their mom and dad, stayed here in July and again in August. You'll see them every morning packed up for a trip to Good Harbor Beach. Before Garrett was born, the family made several trips to the Shutters -- in fact, dad stayed here the night before their wedding. And his grandfather was the very first guest of the Blue Shutters back in 2007 -- months before our "official" opening (he is also the organizer of an annual bocce ball tournament at Good Harbor Beach....the contestants stay right here at the Shutters). There are many kids who have developed a special connection with our B&B, and Garrett is one of them...a real "Blue Shutters Baby."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gloucester's Man at the Wheel...on the Arm

There are many ways fans of Gloucester can show their love for our favorite seaside town -- you'll find "The Man at the Wheel" emblazoned on tee-shirts, baseball caps, refridgerator magnets, ashtrays and coffee mugs up and down Main Street. But we were particularly impressed with one Blue Shutters guest -- Bob from Maryland -- who showed us this most awesome tattoo. Bob, who has roots here, says he always has Gloucester with him wherever he goes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back on the Beach!

Earlier today we shared a photo of Good Harbor in the morning and predicted it was going to be a great beach day. Well, we were right -- by mid-day, the scene looked a lot like a summer weekend, with many sunlovers flocking to the beach. Check out this photo of folks splashing in the waves, wading along the channel and soaking up rays. Tomorrow will be even nicer -- and if you closely at the Blue Shutters sign in the lower left corner, you'll see we have vacancies (tonight and tomorrow). So come join us...back on the beach!

The Sun is Back!

Overall it has been a great summer weatherwise, but the past few days haven't been the best. While there's still fun to be had here rain or shine, it's always better when the sun is out on these summer days. And as you can see from this photo, it's sunny again. You can see the sun shining on the water and the crews out cleaning the sand. According to the weather experts, tomorrow promises to be even better. If the return of sunshine is getting you thinking about the beach again, keep in mind that we do have a room open -- just one -- tomorrow (Thursday, August 18). Don't wait too long -- these rooms don't stay open very long. And keep in mind that there are more rooms available through the end of August and into Labor Day weekend. Hope to see you here -- make sure you bring that sunblock!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Benefits of Innkeeping

Innkeeping can be hard work...but there are certain benefits. Here we see innkeepers AnnMarie and Patty enjoying some time with Phillipe, a guest from Montreal. Phillipe is just one of the many visitors we've seen from Montreal this summer -- Natalie, Rickie, Boom Boom, Jacques and Michelle are just some of the other friends from this part of Canada that have enjoyed the Blue Shutters in recent months.

When Worlds Collide -- Families Meeting Families at the Blue Shutters

We've made many new friends since we took over the Blue Shutters in 2007, but what's just as great -- when friendships develop among our guests. Earlier this summer, guests from Montreal made new friends with a family was western Massachusetts. In July, a couple from Ohio reunited with regular guests from central Massachusetts. And in early August, we witnessed the annual meeting of two of the largest family groups who visit the Shutters -- the Roys and the Woods. The Roys are a group of sisters from western Massachusetts who come with their mom and daughters. The Woods are an extended family from Pennsylvania (and a few stragglers from Massachusetts). At one point, these two groups filled 10 of the 12 rooms at the Blue Shutters -- and when then weren't in their rooms, they mingled on our lawn and gathered around the firepit at night. Most of the group headed out today, but before they did we pulled some of them together for this photo. As we've said in the past, you never know who'll you'll meet at the Blue Shutters -- now we can never know what new friends you'll make.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Comments, Free Gift Card and The Most Interesting Man in the World

Here are some guest comments which were featured in our latest newsletter. Not among our guests: "the most interesting man in the world" from the Dos Equis commercials. But his likeness was here -- along with two of our innkeepers, AnnMarie and Patty on the right, local friends Susie and Laurie on the left, and guest Sue from Clevelend in the center.

If he did come here, we just know Mr. Dos Equis would have comments like this:

"We had the most amazing wedding and mini honeymoon -- it could not have been any better!"
Paul and Teresa

"You guys rock! You are really getting it right!"
John and Lorie

"You can't beat the smores and fireworks"
Karen, John, Chris and Brendan

"It has been lovely! Beautiful views and awesome people make me want to come back!"
Julia and Tom

"I really like this place!"
Jack (age 7)

"We're beach connoisseurs -- having seen beaches in Hawaii, Aruba, California, Nova Scotia,, Virginia, Florida, the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea -- but we must say that Good Harbor is the most beautful and inviting beach..."
Mike and Ona

Thanks to all of you who helped out with reviews and comments so far this summer! Please keep them coming. Don't forget....if you do post comments or a review, let us know about it and that way you'll be sure to be in the drawing for the gift card. Every three months we'll gather up all the reviews -- from online sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp, on the "What's New" page on the Blue Shutters website, and in the guest book in our main room -- select one at random and present that person with a $50 gift card that can be used toward a return visit.

We'll be choosing this first winner at the end of the summer -- and again, anyone can take the prize -- so there's still time to get in on this.

On the Beach or On the Town -- Lots of Reasons to Visit in Late August & September:

The Blue Shutters is full for all but a few dates through the middle of August, but there are still plenty of rooms available later in the month and in early September --and this is a great time to hit the beach. And hit the town. Our August newsletter includes a snapshot of events and activities planned all across Cape Ann. Here is some of what's in store for later in the month and into September:

HarborLoop Concerts
August 11, 18 & 25

Rockport LobsterFest
August 13

Gloucester Waterfront Festival
August 14 & 15

Downtown Gloucester Block Party
August 20

Essex Music Festival
August 27

Stage Fort Park Summer Concerts
August 21 & 28

Schooner Festival
September 2 - 4 (Labor Day Weekend)

Trails & Sails
September 16-25

Downtown Gloucester Block Party
September 17

And coming in October: Rockport HarvestFest and the Essex ClamFest

For details on these and other activiites, visit two of our favorite area websites -- Cape Ann Vacations and Discover Gloucester.

And course, call the Blue Shutters to arrange a stay while you're here!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love the Blue Shutters? Show It With Our Tee Shirts, Sweats & Hoodies

How would you like to look like these happy folks in the photo on the right? OK, maybe not. How would you like to sport a nifty Blue Shutters Beachside tee-shirt next time you cross the footbridge to Good Harbor Beach? Or warm up with a Blue Shutters hoodie as you stroll through downtown Gloucester? Or show off your love for the Blue Shutters when you return home? Well, now you can...we just got a new shipment of Blue Shutters tees, sweats and hoodies. These are popular items and our supply ran pretty thin over the past few months, but now there are sizes for everyone. Ask us next time you visit. And if you're thinking of giving someone a Blue Shutters gift card, consider making this an extra special present by including one of these shirts or sweats.