Sunday, September 23, 2012

Surfs Up!

There was great surf on Good Harbor Beach this morning -- even bigger crashing waves than what you see in these photos.  Great for riding the waves, walking the beach like these folks...or just watching it all from the Blue Shutters.

The Early Morning View

There are those who like to sleep late when they're at the Blue Shutters, but there's a treat awaiting the folks who get up early.  Here are some shots of Good Harbor Beach at 6 am.  The views of the beach are spectacular any time during the day, but some would argue that early morning can't be beat.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lots of Activity on Good Harbor Beach in September

We often talk about all the activities you can enjoy on Good Harbor Beach in the summertime --riding the waves, floating on the river, wading through the "lagoon" or just settling into a chair and soaking up the sun. As these photos show, there's plenty to do on Good Harbor in September.  In one photo you see dog walkers, surfers, wedding guests and your usual beach-goers.  The other shot is innkeeper Patty and friends Al and Louise watching all this from the Main Room of the Blue Shutters.  There are still plenty of weekends like this left -- and even more weekdays -- when you can get in on this fall fun.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Weekend on Tap for Cape Ann...A Perfect Time for Another Blue Shutters Visit

Two more reasons to visit Cape Ann (and stay at the Blue Shutters) this weekend -- one new event and one returning favorite.  The new event is the Captains Courageous Festival, which will feature special activities throughout the city that celebrate Gloucester's maritime history.  This same weekend marks the return of Trails & Sails to Cape Ann and surrounding communities.  For the next two weekends, there will be a variety of guided tours, open house visits, hikes, walks, paddles, and other special experiences for all ages, skill levels and interests. All events are located within the 34 cities and towns of Essex County including the Cape Ann communities.  No matter what activities you decide to try, the Blue Shutters is the perfect spot to rest up and plan your day...and enjoy some time here and on Good Harbor Beach.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Busy Day in Our Neighborhood

Usually the scene in front of the Blue Shutters involves beach bums, sun worshippers and dog walkers, but this past Sunday there was a lot more going on out on Nautilus Road.  Here are some shots of the hundreds of folks gathered at the finish line for a road race to benefit the Beverly School for the Deaf.   In case you were wondering, there were plenty of those beach-goers on Good Harbor Beach throughout the day -- which turned out to be a great time to enjoy the sun and surf.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cruising in Gloucester Harbor -- What a Scene!

Here are some photos of the cruise ship Eurodam in Gloucester Harbor, taken from the jetty on Eastern Point.  This is one of largest cruise ships to come into Gloucester.  The view from the Dogbar jetty -- which extends a half-mile into the harbor -- is always awesome, but this ship made the scene even more spectacular.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blue Shutters' Big Wedding Month Continues...

Another weekend in September -- must be time for another wedding. This is the third weekend in the row that we've had a full house of wedding guests.  Here some scenes from the day Kim and Matt got hitched -- and what a beautiful day it was.  Check out the bride on a motorcycle -- and the school bus that served as a wedding party limo.  If you're planning to get hitched, consider Gloucester -- we'll be sure to show the guests who stay with us a great time.

New Addition to the Blue Shutters

Most of the changes at the Blue Shutters happen in the winter, but this weekend there was a new addition of a spot that's a favorite with guests.  Check out the comfy new chairs in our Main Room -- that's them on the left in the photo here.  The other shot is of AnnMarie and Patty at the picnic table on the lawn -- no doubt dreaming up new ideas to make the Blue Shutters even more comfortable for your next visit.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

After the Storm -- Back to 80s This Week!

The surfers and beach-walkers were out early -- just a few hours after Gloucester and the rest of Greater Boston got a soaking late last night.  We should be done with the rain for awhile -- especially during the week ahead.  We're expecting the sun to be back in force, with temps in the high 70s and 80's starting Wednesday.  This will be a great time to steal some more days on the beach!  And we have just the place for you to stay.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Blue Shutters Wedding

This September is a big month for weddings around the Blue Shutters, with wedding parties here last week, this week and next week.  Today's actually took place up the street, but the bride and most of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were here last night and today. 

Fish Heads!

There are lots of great restaurants on Cape Ann -- and the Azorean is one of them.  And they have lots of great Portuguese dishes -- and their grilled sardines is right up there.  Here's what was left after we tore into a plate of these beauties the other night -- we were out with friends/guests Sam and Christy, celebrating Christy's birthday.

Coming in October -- Essex Clamfest...and Chowder Tasting!

There's a great event coming up in October -- the Essex Clamfest. One of the highlights is a chowder tasting contest (sign us up!). It all takes place on Saturday October 20 -- and we still have some rooms open on that night. Check out this link that has info on this and other activities in Essex, the town just a minutes from us. And then call us to book a room for that weekend!

Our Musical Summer Continues

It has been a very musical summer around the Blue Shutters -- jam sessions in the main room, Ed serenading from the shed and lots of live music downtown.  Here are photos of a few other Blue Shutters musicians -- the O'Brien clan from NY.  Dad found Tony's accordian and got his son and daughter to join in.  And last night, we had our first-ever musical light-show on the lawn. You never know what kind of entertainmnet you'll find here -- but it is always sure to be fun.