Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Blue Shutters South" -- A Getaway to the Florida Keys

You might think that everyday at the Blue Shutters is like a holiday for us innkeepers -- and you're right.

But for a few days in late March and early April, we took a real vacation, sneaking away to the Florida Keys with some longtime friends of the Blue Shutters -- Deb, Kathy, Joe, Karen, Brenda and Danny. This trip started as a birthday celebration -- a number of folks were celebrating their special days, including Ed and AnnMarie, who have birthdays in April.

The beautiful place where we stayed -- Casa Aqua -- felt so much like our place here in Gloucester that we considered it "Blue Shutters South" for these few days.

Here are some photos -- we'll be happy to show you more when you visit "Blue Shutters North." And while we'd love you to spend all your vacations here, if you're considering Florida, check out Casa Aqua -- or ask us and we'll put you in touch with AnnMarie's cousin Deb, who manages this place.

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