Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anniversaries -- Another Reason to Come Visit the Blue Shutters

Over the years, the Blue Shutters has attracted all kinds of guests -- single travelers, couples, families, groups -- who are here for any number of reasons -- some vacation days, a business trip, visiting family or celebrating a special occassion. In recent weeks, we've seen a number of couples here to mark an anniversary -- in October, Denise and Jim from western Massachusetts came back for a return anniversary visit and spent time in Gloucester, Rockport and nearby Salem. This past Friday and Saturday, another special couple chose the Blue Shutters for a anniversay getaway -- Joe and Connie. That's them in the photo here, taken at one of our wine and food tastings (Joe's the one looking sophisticated as he prepares to sip some chardonnay; Connie is sitting alongside innkeeper AnnMarie, listening intently to our visiting chef, Mark Sapienza). Joe is here pretty often, as he's considered our official "back-up innkeeper" -- in fact, last October he watched over the Shutters while the real innkeepers vacationed in Florida. This weekend, Joe and Connie enjoyed walks in downtown Rockport, a bite in Gloucester, games and conversation by the fireplace, and brunch on Sunday morning at the Topside Grill (anniversary or not, you should check this out!). Their experience these past few days provides a great example of the reasons why folks like Denise and Jim and many others come here for an anniversary celebration. If you've got the special date coming up, give us a call and plan your own anniversary getaway.

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