Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Familiar Face Around the Blue Shutters

We've featured many photos of the "Roy Girls" here and in our newsletter over the past few years -- everything from a shot of Annie on a chopper to the Roy kids buried in the sand on the beach (one of our favorite shots is a sunsrise photo on our website homepage). Here's another shot, taken just a few weeks ago. Now, in the summer there are a dozen or more of the clan here, but last month it was a smaller, more intimate visit by Annie and Rosie, who were here to help "Mama Janet" celebrate her birthday. That's Janet in this photo, with innkeepers Tony and Ed. Can you think of a better spot to celebrate a birthday with a loved one? Come give it a try -- and maybe you too will make a splash here on our website. Please join us in wishing Janet a happy birthday -- or better yet, tell her yourself when you're here; she's at the Blue Shutters so often, chances are you'll bump into her!

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