Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some New Views -- Thanks to Blue Shutters Guests

First off, sorry we've gone blog-quiet these past few weeks -- but soon after launching this blog effort, life around the Blue Shutters got VERY busy. We've had a great time with our guests, and it seems clear that those guests have had a great time -- on Good Harbor Beach, around downtown Gloucester, and at parties and local events. One of those guests was Peter Hennessey, who was in Gloucester for a family wedding. While Peter was here, he took some beautiful photos of the Inn, the beach and one of the innkeepers (a cute shot of Ed Comer). We thank Peter for sharing these with us -- and allowing us to share them with others. These pictures are up on our website, on the photo album page. There are other contributed pictures on the website -- from members of the Topaz Partners PR team. Topaz (the PR firm I run when I'm not helping out around the Inn) had an offsite meeting at the Shutters and a few folks brought cameras along. We hope you enjoy these pictures -- and we invite others to pass along their memories (picture and words) of their experiences at the Inn for all to enjoy.

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