Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BeachBlog in NYC

I attended a Public Relations Society of America conference in NYC Tuesday, talking on the subject of blogs, podcasts and other types of social media. Yes, we talked about the Topaz Partners blog, podcast and other cool stuff the Topaz folks are doing on the web, but of course, I worked in a plug for the Blue Shutters BeachBlog. It actually was relavant to the conversation -- we talked about how easy it was to launch a blog. And how effective it can be in bringing together a community. It's still too early to talk about community-building, but launching this blog was a cinch -- and we're convinced it'll contribute to the growing buzz around the Blue Shutters. In fact, a number of conference attendees planned to check this out -- hope they do, and hope they stick with us as we add podcasts, video blogs, webcams and other social media techniques to spread the word about the cool things happening here at this inn by the beach.


Chip Griffin said...

You definitely got me interested in Blue Shutters! Checked out the web site and it looks very nice. Looking forward to seeing how you use social media to market it, but more importantly trying to figure out how to score some babysitting so my wife and I can do a weekend away there sometime soon!

hayley said...

If you are looking for babysitting services at the Blue Shutters I am avalible at the Shutters my parents along with the Sapienza's own the Blue Shutters and I am happy to help with reasonable rates.