Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fireside Chats -- From Doo Wop to Populist History

One of the advantages of owning the Blue Shutters is making new friends among the guests who visit. Some of the best times come at the end of the day, when we settle into conversations. This week, those conversations ranged from doo wop music to populist history. I don't know for sure, but my quess is we had two preeminent doo wop experts with us -- complete with CDs, DVDs and scrap books featuring famous doo wop artists. These folks -- who hail from New Jersey -- are also into the history of Cape Ann, and we have insightful conversations about the many interesting places and people of the region.

Last night over "al fresco" wine and cheese with some guests from central Massachusetts, we covered a range of topics -- haunted houses, favorite cocktails and populist history (did you know Winston Churchill and Woodrow Wilson are thought by many to be major league bigots?).

We look forward to many more days and nights like this, learning more about our guests -- and subjects like these -- in conversations around the front room, by the outdoor fireplace or on the front steps overlooking the beach

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