Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Shutters Tee Shirts, Sweats and Hoodies Now Available -- Show Your (Blue) Colors!

You never know where you'll find Blue Shutters tee shirts, sweats and hoodies -- perhaps among the mountains of Yosemite Valley or off the coast of Key West...or on the footbridge at Good Harbor Beach.  We'd like to see even more of these Blue Shutters "colors" -- in these exotic places, around your hometown and here on Cape Ann.  So, we've ordered a new batch of shirts and sweats.  Our last order was gobbled up fast, and many who were looking for a particular size this summer went home disappointed. Worry no more -- we have all sizes in stock. Ask us next time you're at the Shutters -- or call us and we'll ship one (or two or more) right to your home!

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