Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blue Shutters Memories...From a Long-Ago Chambermaid Living in London

We hear many Blue Shutters stories from folks who pass through this special place. We hope you'll share your memories here and on our Facebook page -- or when you come to visit. Here's a note we just got from Esther of London, who worked here years before we took over as innkeepers...

"When I was only 20 I was a chambermaid at Blue Shutters and loved my summer there. I have since returned several times with my husband. I wanted you to know that I’ve immensely enjoyed the webcam you’ve installed. I keep it on my computer’s tool bar at work and home and take a peek once in awhile. It’s very close to the view that I had from my center window overlooking the beach (before renovation – yes they gave that room to their help! Amazing!). I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it and hope that it will be running for a long time. I spent many happy afternoons on that gorgeous beach!"

This is a photo of the webcam Esther mentions, which you'll see in the window in our main room.  You can see the webcam view for yourself by clicking here or on  "Live Webcam" on our home page.

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