Sunday, August 14, 2011

When Worlds Collide -- Families Meeting Families at the Blue Shutters

We've made many new friends since we took over the Blue Shutters in 2007, but what's just as great -- when friendships develop among our guests. Earlier this summer, guests from Montreal made new friends with a family was western Massachusetts. In July, a couple from Ohio reunited with regular guests from central Massachusetts. And in early August, we witnessed the annual meeting of two of the largest family groups who visit the Shutters -- the Roys and the Woods. The Roys are a group of sisters from western Massachusetts who come with their mom and daughters. The Woods are an extended family from Pennsylvania (and a few stragglers from Massachusetts). At one point, these two groups filled 10 of the 12 rooms at the Blue Shutters -- and when then weren't in their rooms, they mingled on our lawn and gathered around the firepit at night. Most of the group headed out today, but before they did we pulled some of them together for this photo. As we've said in the past, you never know who'll you'll meet at the Blue Shutters -- now we can never know what new friends you'll make.

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