Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Blue Shutters Baby

This is Garrett, who has enjoyed many fun days at the Blue Shutters since he was born last year. Those of you who have visited the Shutters this summer may have seen him -- he and and his sister, Logan, and their mom and dad, stayed here in July and again in August. You'll see them every morning packed up for a trip to Good Harbor Beach. Before Garrett was born, the family made several trips to the Shutters -- in fact, dad stayed here the night before their wedding. And his grandfather was the very first guest of the Blue Shutters back in 2007 -- months before our "official" opening (he is also the organizer of an annual bocce ball tournament at Good Harbor Beach....the contestants stay right here at the Shutters). There are many kids who have developed a special connection with our B&B, and Garrett is one of them...a real "Blue Shutters Baby."

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