Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall and Winter -- Great Times for Family Fun

There's a group of "girls" from western Massachusetts who stay with us each summer --there's Mom Janet, a bunch of her lovely daughters and their young girls...and every once in awhile there's a husband or son tossed into the mix (we jokingly describe this as our "girl scout jamboree"). That's a few of them in the photo here. They use this time to get away and get together, from homes near and far. Why bring up this summertime story now? Well, a few weeks back, they decided to take this show into the fall months -- it was a smaller group, but not surprisingly they brought alot of laughs to the Shutters. It was a surprise for Mom, who was celebrating a birthday. There were walks on the beach, dinner in town, conversations by the fire. We offer this up as a reminder that the fall and winter months can be a great time to plan that weekend getaway. You might just have as much fun as these girls!

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