Monday, July 6, 2009

Spotlighting A Full Weekend of Activities on Cape Ann

This past Independence Day weekend was a great example of all that Cape Ann, Gloucester and the Blue Shutters has to offer. We had a pretty full house for most of the weekend -- and the range of activites our guests were involved with is worth noting. This included: kayaking on Gloucester Harbor, biking and jogging all over Cape Ann, surfing the waves on Good Harbor Beach, art gallery hopping, tennis at the Gloucester High School courts, enjoying the bonfire in Rockport and the parades there and in downtown Gloucester, exploring Halibut Point State Park, catching a movie at a nearby theater and bowling a few frames at our local alley (two good rainy day activities), sailing on the Thomas Lannon schooner, whale watching, enjoying dinner and/or drinks at any of our local restaurants and taverns, grilling and picnicing on our lawn, and sunbathing, body-surfing or strolling on Good Harbor Beach, or just sitting on our sofas enjoying the view. I'm sure we left something out -- we could probably fill another diary note with a list of these other activities.

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