Thursday, July 9, 2009

A slice of Gloucester....great Portuguese cuisine and old-time fish stories

Spent the evening with some old friends last night, enjoying a great meal at the Azorean and taking in some local color at the Crow's Nest. Sam Whitmore (a native of the area)and his wife Christy (who hails from the west coast, where they now live) were here at the Shutters for the evening, part of their east to see family and do a bit of business (in my other business role -- as co-founder of the PR firm Topaz Partners -- I've been working with Sam and Christy for years). Our plans for dinner were influenced by Christy's Portugeuse heritage -- and our interest in introducing the bar "Perfect Storm" fame. The dinner was great -- I highly recommend the marinated haddock and the almond liquor as a capper. The conversation at the Crow's Nest was as entertaining as always, with locals sharing their memories of Perfect Storm movie stars and the real-life fishermen. It reminded up just how unique Gloucester is.

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