Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Jazzy Time on Cape Ann

Cape Ann offers a wide variety of activities and we thought we had tried them all. But we had a new experience this weekend -- jazz. Longtime friend Bill S arrived Saturday for a visit -- and an extra ticket to a performance by vocalist Kendra Shank, who was appearing in Rockport that night. Bill, who is working on a book about jazz legend Bill Pepper, not only is a Kendra fan -- he's also talking with her about his book. I joined Bill for the performance at the Rockport Art Association and was blown away by Kendra and her band -- and by the art association's exhibit. I'm not sure when Kendra will be back in these parts, but you'll find info on her and samples of her work on her website. A big thank you to Bill to opening our eyes to Kendra -- and to jazz. As for the Rockport Art Association, there's a great exhibit going on through early June -- and there will be other happenings throughout the year. Check out their website for more info.

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Bill said...

I didn't know you wrote up the Kendra Shank experience on the Web site! Thanks for the plug, by the way (though it's Jim Pepper, not Bill Pepper). Kendra is an amazing performer -- Rockport was only the 2nd time I'd seen her, and it was like we were old friends...I suspect half the audience felt the same way. For your guests and visitors who come from the NYC area, Kendra and her band can be found at the Club 55 several times a year... it's a small club, no cover/no minimum, but she says it's like home for them -- they've been playing there steadily for years (when she's not out on her increasingly popular tours), and she says the "55" is where they do their "experimenting"... So there's no telling what the evening might bring. Glad to have brought a bit of "cultcha" t' youse guys!
- Bill
P.S. Just found out tonite that my best friend's daughter is getting married, and Gloucester is on the short list for the wedding! I'll have him get in touch with you. (She can't be getting married, she was just a wee baby yesterday!)