Monday, October 29, 2012

Watching for Storms...And Thinking of Our Friends in Sandy's Path

As we write this post, Hurricane Sandy is working its way toward us, but the fact is, some of our friends in NJ, NY and other parts of New England are likely to have more storm-related troubles than us. We wish you all good luck -- please stay safe. Let's get together here at the Blue Shutters at some point and swap storm stories. We don't have any storm photos yet (some of us innkeepers are off taking care of our homes) but here's a shot the last hurricane to hit our area -- Irene -- back in August 2011. We survived that one -- but as you can see there was lots of surf churning on Good Harbor Beach. And we'll see the same thing today and tomorrow.   We don't have any Sandy shots yet (some of us are off watching over our homes -- just like you), but here's a shot from yesterday, of some early storm watchers.

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