Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Start of a Great Beach Week -- And There's Still Room for You Here!

Take a look at these early morning shots of the beach and you can tell this particular Sunday was going to be another great beach day -- folks heading across the footbridge, others camped out along river, the new patio furniture there for that break from the beach...even the seagulls are enjoying a lazy day by the water. 

If you're reading this post the week of July 16, you're in luck -- there's still time to get in on the "sun & fun" here at Good Harbor Beach.  The weather forecasters tell us it's the start of another great beach week -- that's good news for those of you who can slip away this week. We have some openings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (July 16-19). Come for a day or more anytime this week.

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