Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wet & Wild....Instead of Brews & Blues

It was supposed to be a Brews & Blues day today -- instead, it's Wet & Wild.  The rain has put plans on hold for our annual celebration of summer's return, but there's still lots to enjoy here.  Enjoying the view of storms on Good Harbor Beach is a favorite pastime of guests here -- as you can see from these photos, a few early-risers are already settling in to do just this.

This is also a good day to visit the museums, shops, galleries and nightspots in Gloucester and other parts of Cape Ann.  Or enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner downtown.  Or you can just grab a cocktail and a seat by the big windows overlooking the beach (that's what we plan to do).

If you're interested in Brews & Blues, call or email us for udpates on those plans.

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