Monday, December 26, 2011

A Holiday Tradition in Rockport and Gloucester

We have a lot of holiday traditions, and one of our favorites is a gathering of family and friends on the last Saturday before Christmas in Rockport -- for some shopping and Christmas caroling -- followed by dinner at the Topside Grill in Gloucester. Each year on this Saturday in December, Rockport hosts a retelling of the Nativity, with townspeople dressed as shepherds, Roman soliders, the three kings and Mary and Joseph. The pagent takes place on the streets of Rockport and ends with the singing of Christmas carols and -- for our crowd -- a visit to Tucks to warm up (and load up on some candy). We then head over to Topside for dinner, where the Silva family -- owners of the restaurant -- save a special spot for our crowd. A big thank you to Doug, Dennis and Dawn Silva...and to all the family and friends who joined the Blue Shutters innkeepers for this evening. Maybe next year you can make this a holiday tradition of your own.

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