Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do You Agree? Good Harbor Should Top the List of the Region's Best Beaches

The Boston Globe just ran it's annual list of Massachusetts' top 10 beaches and anyone who has ever visited the Blue Shutters will be surprised to learn that Good Harbor Beach didn't make this list. Check out the story and make sure you read the comments by clicking on the "Discuss" link -- and you'll see one from us. Here's our take on this -- if you feel as we do, go ahead and add your own thoughts.

"Good Harbor needs to be on this list of top beaches -- I'm not surprised that I'm not the only one who called this out here. This beach has so much more to offer -- a long, clean sandy strip of sand; an island you can walk to at low tide; dunes you can relax along; a tidal creek you can drift on; a "lagoon" where the creek and the ocean meet; rocks you can explore; and some of the nicest views you'll see in all of NE -- of Cape Ann's unique twin light houses, spectacular homes, boats on the horizon and, each morning, an amazing sunrise. And it's all just minutes from Route 128 and walking distance to a supermarket, diner and ice cream shop -- no long lines of traffic to get here and no nasty "greenheads" that plague other beaches. They don't call this Good Harbor for nothing -- in fact, one of our guests (we own the Blue Shutters Beachside B&B here) just noted that we should rename it "Best Harbor" Beach. I can't imagine that the folks who made these choices have ever visited this beach. Come on up and see for yourself...and I'm sure Good Harbor will make the list next year."

Are we right about this? Let your voice be heard -- on or here on our blog.

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