Friday, June 17, 2011

Making History...The Beachside Variety

Our last post focused on a group with deep roots into Gloucester's seafaring history, and here we're spotlighting guests who are making a new kind of history, focused on another side -- the "beachside" -- of our region. This weekend, we're playing host to the "2nd Annual Blue Shutters Benjamin Babes & Brutes Beach Bocci Ball Tournament." The Benjamin family has a special connection with the Blue Shutters -- Mom and Dad treated their daughter and her fiance to a stay at the Shutters a few years back, and the young couple returned shortly after they married and later after having each of their two kids. Mom and Dad have also arranged to have their son, a Navy officer (back to the seafaring roots), stay with us. Last year, they encouraged friends to use the Blue Shutters as their base of operations for a bocci ball tournament. And in 2011, they turned it up a notch or two -- there are even more contestants, and we're sure there'll be even more fun. So in just a few days, the Blue Shutters has experienced a piece of Gloucester's legendary seafaring history and played a part in adding to the region's reputation for beaschside fun. We're a pretty lucky bunch!

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