Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Comments from Our Guest Book

It has been awhile since we shared comments from our guest book. Here are a just a few we thought were worth passing along:

"Thank you so much for everything! You have the best inn in town! And I love your breakfast." Michelle

"An amazing B&B -- we've been to a lot and this is definitely a favorite!" The Garvey/Kern family

"We dropped in by accident, but it was a very nice surprise." Leo & Christel

"Thanks for a great stay. You made us feel like we were old friends!" Nancy

"We hate to leave...but we will return!" Erin & Steven

"The Blue Shutters gave us a great start to our New England vacation" Martin

"The view and location are only surpassed by the kindness of the owners." Kathy, Amanda, Connor, Kelly & Courtney

"Magnifique endroit, super belle maison, magnifique vue, en confort agreable. C'etait justee MAGNIFIQUE! Les Suisses (not exactly sure of the translation here, but we're pretty sure these guests from Switzerland really like the Blue Shutters)

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Amanda said...

I took a few years of language courses, and lived in Switzerland for a spell. let me help out a little bit :)

"magnificent place, super beautiful house, magnificent view, nice comfort. It was just GORGEOUS! The Swiss"