Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blue Shutters Weighs in on Beach Debate

The Boston Globe and recently ran a story comparing North Shore beaches to Cape Cod beaches...and we couldn't help weighing in. You can probably guess where we stand on this debate, but here's our arguement (posted as a comment to the online version of the story earlier this week):

There's no question that the North Shore -- specifically Cape Ann is the winner. The first advantage is getting there: 45 minutes from Boston (by car or train) versus who knows how long to travel to Cape Cod. And once you're on Cape Ann it's much easier moving about the area to experience not only a variety of beaches (foremost among them, Good Harbor) but also the region's history, culture and character. The four towns on Cape Ann -- Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester-by-the-sea and Essex -- offer all this, without the hassle of Cape Cod crowds and traffic. And as for beaches, there's something for everyone here as well -- the long stretches of Wingarsheek, the beauty of Singing Beach in Manchester, the quaint in-town feel of Back Beach in Rockport. But for me, Good Harbor is by far the best -- you can splash in the waves on a long flat beach, walk along a sandy shoreline, sit among the dunes, float in a tidal river, gaze out at the unqiue twin lighthouses, stroll across a footbridge, explore the rocks and "lagoons" and wade over to an island at low tide. And there is a supermarket, ice cream shop and diner within walking distances -- and some very nice B&Bs right along the beach (you need to check out the view from the Blue Shutters Beachside). You won't find this combination anywhere else in New England.

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