Sunday, April 18, 2010

Murder Mystery Night Recap: Murder, Margaritas and Many Laughs!

Today we're recovering from last night's Margarita-land Murder Mystery at the Blue Shutters. There will be photos up shortly of the entire crew -- Margarita-land resort owners Coconut Joe and Coconut Jane (Tony and Lara), Bar Manager Bindy Barkeep (Mary), Bartender Jack Daniels (Ed), Kylie Cocktail (Judy), Lifeguard Lifesavin' Sam (Joel), Pool Boy Cabana Bob (Bob), Tattoo Artist Tatum Tatt (Melissa), Island Millionare Thurston Howard (Robert), Thurston's Girlfriend Candy Cotton (Michelle), Lottery Winner Lucky Numbers (Ed again), Actress Starr Bright (Andi), Surfer Sandy Beachbum (Art), Island Native Izzie Islander (Paula) and Police Officer Sgt. Lord (Patty). AnnMarie was on hand to keep the party going -- which included tropical drinks, refreshments and tunes. Hawaiin shirts, parrots, palm trees and flamingos provided the backdrop as the Blue Shutters was transformed into a Caribbean resort for the evening. Thanks to all our guests for helping to make this a fun evening. Check out the photos -- and start making plans to join us in the fall for our next Murder Mystery Night! In case you're wondering, the murder victim was Jack Daniels and the murderer was Lifesavin' Sam. Izzie collected the most money from other guests, best costume honors went to Melissa's Tatum Tatt, and Michelle as Candy Cotton was voted best performance...but in the end, we all ended up winners.

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