Monday, January 18, 2010

Remembering Gizmo

Everyone who has visited the Blue Shutters has met Annmarie, Patty, Ed or Tony -- some of you really lucky ones have gotten to know all of us. There has been another familiar face around the Shutters since we took it over in 2007 -- a particularly furry face. That would be Gizmo, our Shitzu-Poodle who would often be seen roaming the lawn, padding around the main room or (more and more these past few months) curled up in a ball by the fireplace. It has been clear for awhile that Giz was slowing down -- while she looked like a pup, she actually celebrated her 18th birthday in 2009. We're sad to report that in early January, she passed on -- quietly and painlessly, after spending the holidays with many of her family and friends. All of us will miss Gizmo -- especially Patty -- but we'll always have those memories of her, at home and at the Shutters. While Gizmo never lived at the Blue Shutters (we're pet-friendly, but not all of our guests are) she spent a lot of time there -- and she seemed to get the same joy and emotional lift all of us do. In Gizmo's case, she gave just as much -- or more -- joy in return.

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