Friday, September 4, 2009

A Special Message about a Special Family Get-Together

Earlier this summer, the Blue Shutters was the setting for a very fun group that chose our inn for their family get-together. There were six couples, plus kids...19 in all (not counting the one child on the way). Rick and Kathleen Zipper headed up this crew, which came from all over the US. We just received a beautiful framed photo from them (now displayed in our main room), with a note titled "At the Blue Shutters Inn". We'll be sharing comments from our guests every so often -- we just had to pass this one along:
From Oregon, Carolina and from Michigan
We came for a week at the Blue Shutters Inn.
For us it was our family get-together,
On the beach, with the ocean, and great summer weather.
The weather surprised, with some storms, wind and rain,
But we all made the best, suffering little pain.
So how did we manage to be unaffected?
It was feeling at home, with no strangeness detected.
Things special at breakfast, and the lobster boil,
Your team made it easy, Ed always at toil.
With Tony so helpful, always thinking PR
And Patty and Annmarie, grocery shopping by car,
You all met our needs, and allowed us to roam,
From Boston to Rockport, and always come home.

We'd like to thank all the families -- for the photo and for this great note.

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