Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your Thoughts on the Shutters -- Notes from Our Guest Book

In the 2-plus years we've owned the Blue Shutters we've gotten many great comments from those of you who have stayed with us -- and most of these are found in our guest book in the main room. We thought we'd use our online diary to share some of these notes -- maybe you'll recognize your comments. Here are the first of these guest notes -- from summer of 2007, our first season as innkeepers:
"Great place. Great improvements. Good people."
"Never better."
"Yahoo! Great time!"
"So relaxing. I'll be back."
"Definitely a keeper on our getaway list."
"We had a blast! The rooms and breakfast were wonderful."
"Your friendliness and genuine hospitality will bring us back again."
"The Nautilus room clearly has a spectacular view. Love the sunrises."
"We were so glad we landed here and to meet y'all. It's a super, super place."
"Sunrise to sunset this has been a very special stay with many wonderful memories -- and laughs."

We'll have another post shortly, with comments from fall 2007. Let us know what you think (you can always leave a note online -- just click on "comments" and add your thoughts).

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