Monday, August 18, 2008

Bat-hunting and Other Blue Shutters Memoirs

We've often said that we could write a book based on all of our experiences here at the Blue Shutters -- and some day we may (when we're not so busy being with our guests). In the meantime, we can use this beachblog to share some of our stories -- and here are two from this weekend. First involved two young men who are staying here while their family is visiting relatives in the area. On Saturday night, they pulled up to the piano in our main room and treated all to some spectular music and song.

The other story took shape late Sunday night, after Ed and I slipped away for a walk on the beach. On the way back, we passed a neighbor's house, and she frantically called for us. Turns out a bat was loose in her living room. We sprung into action, equipped with a towel, a fly-swatter and a kitchen broom. For the first 30 minutes the bat stayed hidden -- despite our efforts to flush him out by banging curtains and furniture. Finally, the creature appeared, swooping close to our heads -- and finally within range of the kitchen broom and towel. Once captured, we brought the bat outside and bid farewell to a very thankful neighbor.

Impromptu musical performances and late night bat-hunting -- two more stories that will someday be chronicled in our Blue Shutters memoirs.

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