Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lights, camera and lots of action....

It was a busy evening this past Friday -- some fun for the Blue Shutters bunch and a difficult night for the city of Gloucester. The fun stuff surrounded the crew that is filming a movie in Gloucester. Members of the cast are staying at the inn -- and Friday evening, we were called into "action" to serve as extras. Gathering on Main Street in freezing temperatures, we made our movie debut with the help of director Oliver Horovitz and producer Tiana Matthews. Gloucester has been the backdrop for many movies (including one -- "Author! Author!" -- based on a play by Oliver's famed father, Israel, who is artistic director of the Gloucester Stage Company)and those of us at the Blue Shutters are very pleased that we're able to step up and support this effort. The night took a tragic turn as filming wrapped up around midnight on Friday as fire broke out just blocks from our location. According to initial reports, one life was lost and several buildings, including a historic synagogue was destroyed.

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